Sicher Nachrichten Netzwerk versenden

Sending secure messages over the network

Secure message network sending – The project task is a system consisting of clients and a server. With this system, it should be possible to send notifications securely in a network. Messages can be

  • Text messages (chat) between two partners
  • Text messages (broadcast) to all in the network
  • Dates as message
  • Files

A number of important key points are specified by the customer.

  • End-to-end encryption using Public Key Encryption
  • The server must run as a service under Windows
  • Simple system, no complex installation
  • No contact with external systems on the Internet like Azure etc.
  • No storage of messages and data, only errors in log files

No systems such as SignalR, Messagebus, RabbitMQ or similar should be used. The exchange is to be carried out with Windows onboard means, the whole system must be expandable with regard to further message types.

Modular system

This system is also to be the basis for extending contract management TSContract in the Pro version in the future. An enhancement is planned here to simplify the exchange between the client installations. Contract-relevant data is to be exchanged securely. This includes reminders for due dates and changes to data.

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