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About me

Creative solutions are an opportunity. In times of standardized software, software can still remain as individual.

How it all began

Software development has been my passion since the days of Windows 3.1. But even before that, there were already first trips into the world of the machine code. The handling of software would become my profession but that was not clear at that time.

In the early days there was just too little specific software. Especially in the database area, but in the commercial area, there was lack of good and affordable software as well.


My first customer asked me to write a cash book, which was tailored to his needs and should remain affordable. It was very successful for many years.


Around 1993, I started developing a key management for a bank. As a unique project, it developed over the years and decades to the key management TSKEY. The first version, still under Windows 3.1 was a great success. Over the years, many operating systems and architectures have changed, but TSKEY has always been up-to-date.

The Vision

Developing software

Developing software as a tool can be as individual as a fingerprint. As a sample of a work process, software should support the user. Freed from routine tasks, there should be more time for creativity, for customers or for your own ideas.

Modular design

Software from finished, tested modules guarantees fast and short development cycles. Long-term use of the software by standardization in the development of surfaces. Whenever possible, components are used that are either “open source” or at least in the source code available.

My services

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Own software development

I’ve been developing software for the Windows environment for many years. The suggestions often come from the customer area, and are brought to me as ideas or grown out of own needs.

Own software development Key management TSKEY: This key management, developed many years ago as a 16-bit application under Windows 3.1, was born out of a request. An easy-to-use key management should be created, which should also be further developed. This is still being developed up to the present day, currently as TSKEY 5 in 32/64 bit version, the data can always be imported into the new version.

These projects are marketed according to the SHAREWARE principle, i.e. as a “test before purchase” software. This business model has proved itself for many years and has now been fully established in the “professional area”.

software individual

Projects for customers

In close collaboration with the customer, I will create smaller or larger software projects. In general, this is business software that improves or simplifies workflows. In conjunction with a database, software is also created for large amounts of data and fast access times. Modular design allows specific changes to be performed quickly.

Since I largely rely on the use of standard components and thus avoid high license costs, which result from the expensive purchase of proprietary components, the software also remains maintainable and executable for many years

I’ve been developing software for the Windows environment for many years. The suggestions often come from the customer area and are brought to me as ideas or grown out of own needs.

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