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About me

Creative solutions are an opportunity. In times of standardized software, software can still remain as individual.

How it all began

Softwaredevelopment has been my passion since the days of Windows 3.1. But even before that, there were already first trips into the world of the machine code. The handling of software would become my profession, but was not clear at the time.

In the early days there was just too little specific software. Especially in the database area, but in the commercial area, there was lack of good and affordable software as well.

The first” customer

My first customer asked me to write a cash book, which was tailored to his needs and should remain affordable. It was very successful for many years.

Long-Term Projects

Around 1993, I started developing a key management for a bank. As a unique project, it developed over the years and decades to the keymanagement TSKEY. The first version, still under Windows 3.1 was a great success. Over the years, many operating systems and architectures have changed, but TSKEY has always been up-to-date

The vision

software development visionSoftware as a tool can be as individual as a fingerprint. As a reproduction of a work process, software should support the user. Freed from routine tasks, there should be more time for creativity, for customers or for your own ideas.


Software from finished, tested modules guarantees fast and short development cycles. Long-term use of the software by standardization in the development of surfaces. Whenever possible, components are used that are either “open source” or at least in the source code available.


Details about some completed projects

Project descriptions

A small, incomplete listing of my previous projects. These should provide an insight into the range of possible projects and the related “skills”.

vertragsverwaltung filialen mietvertrag

Lease agreement of branches

Contract management Branches Lease agreement – One of the ongoing projects is a contract management, with the help of which leases are managed for branches. This variant which is client-capable, …


Plugin Word – HTML files

Project task was a plugin for Word to simplify the creation of an HTML page with graphics and measured values. The basic parameters of the program were: Convert graphics data …

bookmarks weitergeben

Easy sharing bookmarks

Project task was a program for the creation of a tool, which creates, maintains and creates a list of the bookmarks (to favorites) by simply transferring a file to customers. …

mobbing Tagebuch Freeware

Freeware bullying diary

With the bullying diary, you can document, categorize and date your bullying incidents. The entries are protected from prying eyes by encryption. The software does not need any installation and …