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Rental agreements of branches

Contract Management Branch Rental Contract – One of the currently running projects is a contract management system that is used to manage rental contracts for branches. This variant is client-capable, offers the option of defining “sub-clients” and thus maps a structure of clients and branches. This includes a wide range of appointments, service contracts, maintenance …

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Share bookmarks easily

The project task was to create a tool that creates and maintains a list of bookmarks (favorites) and sets them up by simply passing a file to customers. Important was One-click operation, i.e. start the program, bookmarks are updated, edited, deleted Only one file, no installation program Easy maintenance of the bookmarks The project was …

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Freeware Bullying Diary

With the bullying diary you can document, categorize and date your bullying incidents. The entries are protected from prying eyes by encryption. The software requires no installation and comes with everything you need. Installed on a USB stick, the software can be started from any computer. The program is freeware, i.e. free of charge. Freeware …

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